Other Products


Mithra™ computer controlled LED lighting system is a state-of-the-art lighting technology engineered to varying frequency and intensity to give the plants the precise light they need to grow. These lights are able to be integrated into current grow-space or as part of a larger all-inclusive system with lighting automation.


SmartEnergy™ An advanced energy management and control product designed specifically for the indoor agriculture industry. SmartEnergy manages and precisely controls the energy use of lighting and cooling for the grow facility to optimize the environment while minimizing energy costs. This Energy Optimization tool is changing the face of the industry, allowing more people to grow cannabis and be able to compete in a growing market.


SPIDer™ (Secured Perimeter Intrusion Detection) network is a multifaceted product family which provides near real-time detection of intruders or interruptions, available for either indoor facility or open air agriculture facilities. SPIDer consists of three layers of security and utilizes advanced active fence and microwave technologies. Standard IP cameras and digital DVRs are integrated in the network to provide a complete security envelope of the facility.


SmartSense™ An advanced sensor and control product designed specifically for the agriculture industry. SmartSense provides advanced sensors and sensor networks for indoor grow facilities using hydroponics grow systems to measure and record environmental factors and alert the master grower or operations manager of any environmental issues or fault detection. These sensors ensure the levels of nutrients, pH, humidity and CO2 are within the set ranges for optimal plant health, to give the grower peace of mind.

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