CognetiX™ Cultivation Platform

Complete Control & Automated Environment Grow System

NuvusGro is a technology company dedicated to the advancement of computer controlled systems for the indoor agriculture industry. NuvusGro’s CognetiX™ is a suite of software solutions that integrates all available plant and business data into a high performance, real-time, distributed grow control platform.

The heart of the system consists of a centralized server and distributed intelligent control network. Information from various components such as sensors, HVAC, lighting etc., are collected by the central server, analyzed, and displayed in real time via customized dashboards.


  • Real-time and Historical Data: Viewable on the go with 24-hour secure cloud-based remote monitoring access
  • Data Collection: Application-wide logging, charting, and analysis
  • Cost Calculations: Assist with prioritization and eliminate equipment downtime
  • Universal Connectivity: Integrates with third-party applications, hardware and/or software
  • Rich User Interface: Custom graphics with 2D and 3D viewing of operational data
  • Complete Climate Control: Custom setting for precision agriculture
  • Fault Detection and System Alarms: Reduces or eliminate equipment downtime
  • Energy Optimization: Sustainability Settings that reduce environmental impact
  • Custom Management Options: Includes plant, facility, and data management options
  • Preprogrammed GrowFILES: Recipes for various strains, climate controls, and energy settings
  • Total Environment Automation: Complete climate control, temperature, lighting, CO2, pH, nutrients, and water temperature


Three CognetiX™ options available depending on the size and scale of your growing operation:

Disclaimer: We provide state of the art technology and agricultural equipment only for legal operations. We do not condone or endorse anyone growing or selling marijuana or operating at all outside compliance in the regulated market. We will provide advice on technology and growing techniques but cannot guarantee results and will not be liable for content.