NuvusGro Corp (OTC PINK: HTCO), is a technology company providing specialized solutions for cultivating cannabis.

We design and engineer intelligent, efficient, industrial-grade products using process control techniques, advanced environment sensors, data aggregation, visualization software and security solutions.

Our goal is to provide industrial-grade quality, making it possible for growers to compete in the emerging markets or simply to grow their own high quality product.



Working with leading specialists in industries including technology, software, agriculture, and security


Connecting resources for growing cannabis for legal, licensed operations of any size


Always improving to meet market demand and stay ahead of the competition


Innovative integration of analytic software, intelligent LED lighting and predictive environmental sensors


Our Team

Executive Management

Sam Talari, Acting CEO & Chairman of the Board

John Verghese, Chief Operating Officer

Deirdre Fernandes, VP of Operations

Engineering & Technology

Kevin Defant, Director of Engineering & Technology

Terry N. Gardner, VP of Engineering


Keith Richter, Director of Sales & Business Development

Communications & Marketing

Shawna Canady, Client Services Manager

Olga Krynina, Marketing Manager


NuvusGro is a leader in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) using Automation Technologies with hardware and software integration to provide optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop cycle.

Through NuvusGro technologies, virtually every component of the plants’ vegetative growth matrix and flower harvest is automated, documented and available in graphic format, both in real time and historically. This simplifies operations and ensures that the baselines set by the master grower are adhered to by the cultivation staff.

Facility Based Products

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Hardware Products

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Total Turn-key Operation – Design, Engineer, Build

Site Selection, Planning & Zoning Permits, Facility Specifications

Grow System Design, Equipment Integration & Automation

Lighting systems and Utility Specification & Design (Electric and Water)

Environment Control, Energy Efficiency,
Fault Detection for Facility Management

Configuration and support
of all NuvusGro products


GrowCOMM™ solutions is a division of NuvusGro Corp. specializing in the engineering, design and construction of industrial grade, fully automated advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities for the agriculture and cannabis markets.

GrowCOMM™ integrates NuvusGro Corp products as well as major 3rd party partners to establish a complete integrated and engineered production facility providing project cost estimates and feasibility studies for projects ranging from Greenfield construction to converting current
operations to automated cultivation.

GrowCOMM™ will help with every step of the way, from planning to cultivating and harvesting.

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OUR SOLUTION CognetiX™ Cultivation Platform

NuvusGro is a technology company dedicated to the advancement of computer controlled systems for the indoor agriculture industry. NuvusGro’s CognetiX™ is a suite of software solutions that integrates all available plant and business data into a high performance, real-time, distributed grow control platform.

The heart of the system consists of a centralized server and distributed intelligent control network. Information from various components such as sensors, HVAC, lighting etc., are collected by the central server, analyzed, and displayed in real time via customized dashboards.

CognetiX™ has three options available depending on the size and scale of your growing operation:

grow.droid™ I – Tent

grow.droid™ I – Tent

grow.droid™ I – Tent


An advanced Energy Management and Control product

An advanced energy management and control product designed specifically for the indoor agriculture industry. SmartEnergy™ manages and precisely controls the energy use of the grow facility to optimize the environment while minimalizing energy costs. Powerful analytics software looks at data from advanced environmental sensors, located throughout the facility as well as the outside environment.

SmartEnergy® delivers the back-end calculation, KPI analytics, data historian, reporting, and rich visualization you need to take decisive action to reduce and manage your utility costs and carbon footprint.

  • Quick to deploy and achieve ROI
  • Realize cost savings through informed decisions
  • Generate standard Cost, Consumption and Carbon reports
  • Drill down into causes of abnormal energy use


An advanced sensor and control software product

SmartSense™ – An advanced sensor and control software product provides sensor networks for indoor grow facilities using hydroponics or soil systems. Smart environmental sensors are used to measure air quality such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and air flow specific to the plant grow modules and relay this data to the centralized computer to maintain perfect grow atmosphere.

SmartSense provides sensor networks for indoor grow facilities using hydroponics and/or soil systems. The SmartSense data and control network is a SCADA based automation system designed to integrate with a large variety of sensors and controls from simple analog to advanced digital devices.

As with all NuvusGro products, SmartSense™ operates through software that provides the capabilities to generate sensor profiles and historical data which can be compared with real time measurements to precisely predict growth and maximize yields.

Disclaimer: We provide state of the art technology and agricultural equipment only for legal operations. We do not condone or endorse anyone growing or selling marijuana or operating outside compliance in the regulated market. We will provide advice on technology and growing techniques but cannot guarantee results and will not be liable for content.

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